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Propagate: Seedlings

March 13, 2018

Once the Tap Root bursts forth, it is time to plant so it can grow to a Seedling. Before you plant the Tap Root, you will need to prepare its new home.


To plant you will need:
1 Party Cup per Tap Root.
Potting Soil

Prepare the Party Cups. Drill or punch 6 holes in the bottom of each Party Cup for drainage. Add a thin layer of Perlite to the bottom of each cup.





Prepare the Soil. When I grow, I choose soil that is best for the Stage. When I transplant Seedlings and Clones, I use a Potting Soil like Fox Farms Happy Frog. Full of Nitrogen, it is gentle enough to grow your plants from PreVeg to Veg Stage. Potting Soil is not laden with excess Nutrients like Fertilized Soils, so it isn’t ‘hot’ and won’t burn the new roots.

Use a mix of 2/3 Soil to 1/3 Perlite for aeration and drainage of roots, and to prevent against Root Rot.

Plant the Seedling. Fill the Party Cup three-quarter full of prepped Soil (1/3 Perlite: 2/3 Soil). Push your finger down to the fingernail bed creating a small depression one-quarter inch deep.

Place Taproot into the depression with root pointing down towards the soil. Gently pinch the soil closed over the depressions, covering the Tap Root.

Saturate with pH’d H2O and drain.

Place inside Space Bucket with UFO LED on 18/6 Light Schedule and all Fans off.

Water daily by spraying topsoil with pH’d H2O.


When you see the Seedling with two small leaves pop up from the Soil, your plant has entered the PreVeg Stage!




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