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Propagate: Germinate

March 7, 2018

Once everything is gathered to Grow, you will need to prepare your seeds by stimulating them out of their dormant state to begin its development: Germination




To germinate a seed you will need: 
A Plate (waterproof) 
Paper Towels 
Ziploc Baggie


Moisten the paper towel in H2O. Wring it out so it is damp, not sopping wet.  

Place Seeds near the center of the moist Paper Towel.


Fold the Paper Towel, covering the Seeds. You want to be able to unfold it to check the seeds.

Place the Paper Towel with Seeds in the Ziploc Baggie and close the baggie. Put the Baggie on your waterproof Plate.

Place the Plate containing the Seeds in your Space Bucket. We will keep it hidden inside the dark , warm Space Bucket for the next few days, only removing it to moisten the Paper Towel and check the seeds. 


When the Tap Root grows out of your seed, it is time to plant it!



Planting Prep:

1. Prepare the new home for your Seedling. Take a Party Cup and punch 6-8 holes in the bottom.

2. With your Potting Soil and Perlite, mix the pair together using 2 Parts Soil and 1 Part Perlite. This ensures roots are aerated and helps to avoid Root Rot.
3. Place a thin layer of Perlite at the very bottom of your Party Cup to assist drainage.

4. Add the Soil/Perlite mix until the Party Cup is mostly full.

5. Make a small hole with your finger about 1/4 inch deep into the soil.

6. Place Seed with Root down into the soil.

7. Pinch the soil closed over the Seed with Root. Then: saturate with Water pH'd to 6.0-6.5 and allow to drain from the pre-punched holes. 
8. Over the next 3-7 days you will spray the topsoil with pH'd H20 in a Spray Bottle so the Tap Root does not dry out. 


When the Seedling bursts forth it is time to begin PreVeg!


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