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Grow Tip: What To Expect

February 15, 2018

When you begin your initiation into Space Bucket Microgrowing it can be pretty intense. Even intimidating! Much of that anxiety comes from not knowing what will happen. (Or in my case: THC above 20%.) Just remember the adage: Knowing is half the battle. Let's ease some of those fears away by dropping some Knowledge Bombs to chase them away.

The beauty of growing in a Space Bucket is the controlled environment: you can expect the similar results in similar conditions. This makes Space Buckets the controlled study of Grow Tents! Knowing this we gain a general understanding of how long it takes a plant to mature plus how tall it can grow.

Space Buckets seat a 3 gallon plastic pot perfectly. There's a little bit of wiggle room as you can see. A 3 gallon Smart Pot fits like a glove. 


Expect 12 inches of Veg growth per 2 gallons of pot. So a 3 gallon pot can expect 24 inches of Veg growth. 

When a plant begins to outgrow her pot she will present with Deficiencies and stunted growth.

As for Timeline: expect 4-5 months from Seed to Smoke.

30 days PreVeg
30-60 days Veg

60+ days Flower


You can grow different strains of Cannabis depending on what you desire!

Sativas have long, thin Fan Leaf fingers tending towards a spring green.
Sativas grow tall.
Sativas triple in size during Flower Stretch.
Sativas take 8-10 weeks to mature.

Sativa strains are known to stimulate Creativity and Euphoria, plus Increased Energy and Alertness.


 Super Lemon Haze - Space Bucket Grown

Indicas have broad, overlapping Fan Leaf fingers tending towards deep olive green.

Indicas grow squat and bushy.
Indicas double in size during Flower Stretch.
Indicas take 7-9 weeks to mature. 
Indica strains are known to stimulate Relaxation and Appetite, plus Pain Relief and work as a Sleep Aid.


 Girl Scout Cookies - Space Bucket Grown


With this information you can estimate a Sativa can grow up to 6 feet tall in a 3 gallon pot and an Indica can grow up to 4 feet tall in a 3 gallon pot.
This is used to determine how many Spacers and LED Spacers you will need for the length of your Grow as you plan for the Flower Stretch.

1. Take total height of your Space Bucket

2. Subtract height of lights at highest point

3. Subtract height of pot

4. Subtract space between light and plant

5. When growth reaches half of remaining number: Flip to Flower


We now know we can expect 4-5 months from Seed to Smoke and our plant can get from 4 to 6 feet tall in our Space Bucket. With is information we know if we have enough Spacers to add height, LED Spacers to boost growth in lower nodes, and Fan Spacers to agitate our bae into strong stems while blowing mold spores and pests away.

Easy-peasy! Next week, let's look into our Grocery List as we prep to Grow.

May your efforts be rewarded and blessed!
In service,


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