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You are a Master

February 10, 2018

I want you to understand something: you are already a Master.

Consider this: there will never be another you. You are a singularity - even if they cloned you. Who you are is an essential part of this creation. If you were not then you would not be here.

You deserve this.

Consider also this: you are now among a small, select group of individuals. This secret group of Growers who confer among their fellow brothers and sisters seeking the best ways and means to grow what their heart desires. A green cabal of Cannabis Growers.

You are not here because of some widespread fad.
You are not here because of a passing interest.
You are here for Purpose.
You heard the call to adventure and you accepted. 
You knocked and the door was opened. 
And now it is time to step across that threshold to become the Master Grower you already are.


When you plant that first seed, when you obtain that first clone: you began upon a path that has only one destination at the end of it. If you do not believe me: then allow me 4 months to show you what I already see.


Just by taking the first steps of a Grower you have begun the Initiation that will end with you as a Master.

So look in the mirror. Gaze upon the face of the Master that you already are.  

~ RainMan




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