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Dear RainMan: Why Space Buckets?

February 8, 2018

"Dear RainMan,
I'm just starting out and hear pros and cons about both space buckets and grow tents. What would be your top reasons to go with a bucket? Thanks for any info and I'm eager to get to work!" ~ Lady K.

Cheers, Lady K!

Each has their pros and cons, each has their strengths and weaknesses. I recommend a Space Bucket for the First-Time Grower and a Professional Grower. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Low Initial Investment: the RainMan Space Bucket with 138w UFO LED will grow over two ounces - a $600+ value here in the US - for only $250.00 plus shipping. A 2x2 Grow Tent set up will average $2000.00 to match the technology a Space Bucket provides.Here is an example of a 2x2 kit:

Black Dog LED 2x2 Grow Tent Kit (Complete)

2. FAST return on Investment: National Average for an ounce: $320.00. Growing two ounces is like printing $640.00. Money saved is money to spend on Family and Home.
Compare with a small Grow Tent return on Investment.

3. Small footprint: Space Buckets have a 1x1 footprint. (15" with drain pan). And they are mobile. I personally have moved my Space Buckets into my Chevy Blazer when our Property Manager wanted to walk through.
Compare with Grow Tent. :D

4. Intuitive Plug and Play system: Everything is contained and intuitive. No rigging ventilation outside while setting up lattice and cover. Just place the Space Bucket in a Drain Pan, plug into GFCI Adapter, and plug into outlet. With Fans and UFO LED attached to self-contained Power Array the Grower has easy access to adjust as necessary. Close the Space Bucket and you are guaranteed no light leak. A grow tent you will fiddle with flaps and zippers to keep light out. (I'll that the Fiddle Factor.)
Compare with using a Grow Tent. ;)

5. A Space Bucket is Personal: for the life of one plant, you will be its mother as you care for it, its father as you discipline it with LST, FIM/TOPing and Supercropping. Everything you learn with that single plant will be the foundation all your efforts are built upon. And with a complete dialed-in Grow environment that caters to and pampers the plant, she will respond to you and thrive with your ministrations. She will be like a best friend who you will miss after Chop! (You never forget your first.)
In a larger Grow Tent that attention is divided.

I see many who start with Space Buckets use the money they saved to invest in a larger Grow Tent down the line. Once they knew what to do and the principles behind a Grow - by using the tools and learning along with fellow Growers - they took the next, inevitable step! 
They still use their Space Bucket to house Mother plants, males for seeding, dual pot seedings (male and female in one gallon pots in one Space Bucket), feminized seed production, and experiments with techniques and Nutes for possible use in their larger Grow.
Cannabis isn't addictive. Growing Cannabis is addictive.
The Space Bucket you build is your rocket into a glorious future. We look forward to you joining us! :D



My door is always open. Check out and the DIY section for Links to parts In use in my own builds. And check out the Adapters at and our Etsy page for Adapters to fit your Space Bucket build.

I look forward to serving your Space Bucket needs!
In service,

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