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Dear RainMan: Anything I need to Grow?

February 2, 2018

Dear RainMan,
I just wanted to know if there is anything else I would need to make the Space Bucket functional aside from the obvious? How tall is this unit? Is there an option to make it taller or do you think it’s not needed for a first time Grower?

Cheers, MB!
There are some 'hidden' costs as you will need to get soil and pots to grow your plants within. Here is a Beginner's Grocery List of items for your Grow - and it will be sent along with your Confirmation email:

Beginner's Grocery List
GFCI Adapter (Safety first!)

Drain Pan (15 inch diameter) to place under Space Bucket
Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil
Fox Farms Ocean Forest Fertilized Soil
Fox Farms Trio of Nutrients (Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom)
Blackstrap Molasses
pH Up and Down with Tester
Humidity/Temp Monitor

The Space Bucket is designed to be Plug-and-play: plug it in, set the timer, and drop your potted plant inside. A complete Microgrow setup.
The Space Bucket stands over 2 foot tall when you get it, and you can stack Spacers to increase height. I have 2 Spacers that come with your purchase to ensure you can SCROG smoothly. When you get your hands on your first Space Bucket you will see how easy it is to Grow and succeed. Once you get one full Grow under your belt you will see SCROGGing as an easy way to get epic yields while keeping the Space Bucket height down. Another part of our Space Bucket Grow adventure! 

Thank you for choosing MostlySAFE Microgrow for your Space Bucket needs! May your efforts be rewarded and blessed.

In service,



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