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Step-by-step Guides on building and growing in your very own MostlySAFE Space Bucket. 

Begin with the MostlySAFE Space Bucket Build Guide to get started.

Level UP! with the MostlySAFE Space Bucket Grow Guide to grow successfully and WELL!

No one makes Space Buckets like MostlySAFE. We broke the 1 ounce ceiling years ago with our standardized design, and push towards 4 ounces per Space Bucket! 

Head over to for more information and our weekly Webcomic!

Build your very own MostlySAFE Space Bucket and enjoy Harvests all year long. It's like printing money! 

MostlySAFE began in Oregon in 2014 during the end of Prohibition. Space Buckets arrived also, providing a way for anyone to become a Grower. The evolving Plug-and-Play parts and LED technology provides everything for those seeking to grow their own food and plants at a fraction of the cost - inside your own home!

Every MostlySAFE Space Bucket is designed for all the basics to get started right away. This Plug-and-Play technology ensures focus is on growing the plant and not on fixing or redesigning the Space Bucket. This is a complete, everything-you-need Grow environment for your plant! A MostlySAFE Space Bucket is an investment to be used for years.

The MostlySAFE Space Bucket is engineered to give your plant the best environment it needs. But remember: you gotta raise the plant. The MostlySAFE Space Bucket won't do it itself. ;)

Space Bucket Build Guide