MostlySAFE presents: The Not-So-Secret Space Bucket Society! Volume One of the MostlySAFE Webcomic - America's first ongoing Cannabis Webcomic!

Herein you will find our motley crew of rag-tag adventurers as they venture forth in a world where Conspiracy Theories are real, eldritch gods of old lay sleeping, and it's 420 every day, all day.

Meet new and exciting cultures like the Kekistan!
Join the Gypsies as they hit the road to save their Crew!
Learn how to Grow Your Own!

Enjoy the glorious terrain of the Pacific Northwest!
Delve deep into the Grimdark!
Bonus Comics INSIDE!

And don't forget to keep up to date with their adventures at!

Comic Graphic Novel - MostlySAFE Webcomic Volume 1

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    Portland, Oregon - United States

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