Mustache Ride Customs presents: MANDY and the BRAT - Purple Passion Palette!

Your favoriteYoobToob Vidio Star comes to life with a 3.75" 5poa Custom Action Figure: MANDY!
Re-enact the madcap adventures of MANDY the Space Babysitter as she cares for her small wards! Replay the Sussinex blat-field scene! Make some chokkie-milk! Snap the neck of the Gralex Overlord and rescue the Wee Bairn! Read a Bedtime Story!
What happens next?

The Space Babysitter from YoobToob is coming to your home! Start your adventures with Mustache Ride Custom's first Action Figure - MANDY!
Comes with dual Pistolas.
Rock-n-Rolla Rifle!
BN-SH33 Jet Pack!

Signed and Numbered: 3 out of 3. When they're gone: they all gone!

This Action Figure has 5 points of moving articulation: ball-joint neck, swivel arms, swivel legs.

Made of high-impact, pressure-cast, semi-rigid resin.
Painted in single-layer Purple Passion Palette.
Sealed with Acrylic for a durable finish. UV Resistant too!
Accessory colors may vary.

Random Wee Bairn or CarbonIce included. (No guarantee the CarbonIce is not already occupied, or the Wee Bairn won't be fugly.)
Stand not included. But I can add one in for Free, if you ask nice.

CJ Cummings is an Artisan, Artist, and Author. You can check out more of his Art and Artisan work at

The Fandom Menace: Without Respect, We Reject.

Custom Action Figure 5poa - MANDY and the BRAT! Mustache Ride Designer Art Toy



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