The Fan Spacer is an Accessory for your Space Bucket. Whether you build your own or purchase from us, this Fan Spacer will increase air current within your Space Bucket - boosting CFM, cooling the interior, creating strong stems, and aiding in Pest Control.  

The Fan Spacer increases the height of your Space Bucket - an additional boon for those growing tall vegetation in Space Buckets.

Holes are sealed for light leak. 

The Fan Spacer comes with:

1 80mm Fan Array

Note: this does not include a Space Bucket. The Fan Spacer is an accessory part for your Space Bucket.

The MostlySAFE Space Bucket is set-up for ease of construction as well as ease of repair and maintenance. Making these fun and a great way to relax as you tend to your indoor garden.

A Space Bucket is an Indoor Microgrow that allows year-round discreet gardening at a fraction of the electricity cost. You can grow Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Celery, Lettuce, Spinach, and much more!

All parts are under Warranty by Manufacturer. With the ease of Plug-and-Play construction, the MostlySAFE Space Bucket makes repair work and replacement easy and affordable - and without need of power tools. The body of the MostlySAFE Space Bucket will last you years - and expect the LED to last 5-7 years before replacement as per Manufacturer claims. 

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You gotta raise the plant. The Space Bucket won't do it itself. :)

Remember: You are working around electricity and water with these. Be careful and attend to safety precautions. Buyer assumes all risk.

Fan Spacer Space Bucket Upgrade

  • All sales are final. Non-refundable, hand-crafted Space Bucket Microgrowery.
    For items made upon demand, 3-4 week construction time is included in the listing. Construction begins upon payment in full!

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