MostlySAFE delivers the cutting edge in Space Buckets with the EDGELORD Space Bucket! This is the best Space Bucket for Gardeners on a budget.

The EDGELORD is based on MostlySAFE's Modular Template using Grow Room principles and Plug-and-Play technology. No wiring necessary! An all-in-one Horticultural Growing System for everyone.
And not only is the EDGELORD compatible with ALL MostlySAFE UPgrades, it still provides ease of use and convenience found in all MostlySAFE Space Buckets!

Don't worry about Light Leak with MostlySAFE's Adapters, Rubber Seals, and Fan Shields - standard on all MostlySAFE Space Buckets. No one makes Space Buckets like MostlySAFE Space Buckets.

The EDGELORD comes with standard equipment:

1 Lightbulb Splitter plus Cord with On/Off Switch - Use 5 CFLs or LED Lightbulbs! (Lightbulbs not included.)
1 Exhaust (31 CFM) PC Fan Spacer with Lid and 3-port Power Assembly
1 Bucket Base with Reflective Liner and Intake (31 CFM) PC Fan
1 Timer

2 MostlySAFE Adapters
2 MostlySAFE Fan Shields

MostlySAFE Webcomic Graphic Novel Vol. 1 (88 pages!)

Modular: fits ALL MostlySAFE Space Bucket UPgrades!
UPgradable: Grow Now - Upgrade Fans and Lights with money you Save!

And while you are at it, pick up the Space Bucket Urban Gardening Book!

I don't just sell you a Space Bucket and send you on your merry. Head over to or pick up one of our Guides! If you can Grow one, you can Grow ten thousand.

A Space Bucket is a Horticultural Growing System that allows year-round discreet gardening at a fraction of the electricity cost. You can grow Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Celery, Lettuce, Spinach, and much more!

This specific Microgrow can grow 1 to 4 plants to maturity and only takes up a 12 inch by 12 inch footprint. Each Space Bucket is handmade and handcrafted here in the United States and not mass produced. Completed Space Buckets will be shipped 2-3 weeks after receipt of funds.

The Space Bucket is set-up for ease of construction as well as ease of repair and maintenance - making these fun and a great way to relax as you tend to your indoor garden. Harvest all year 'round in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Not everyone I know is savvy about making stuff and things, so the Space Bucket must be easy-peasy to repair or maintain. Everything is Plug-and-Play, and maintenance is easily done at home. This makes growing your own food like printing your own money!

You gotta raise the plant: the Space Bucket won't do it itself! Contact us with any questions on growing with your Space Bucket Microgrow:
Or check out our Website:

Remember: You are working around electricity and water with these. Be careful and attend to safety and security precautions. Buyer assumes all risk.

Space Bucket - EDGELORD MostlySAFE Designer Spacebuckets

  • All sales are final. Non-refundable, hand-crafted Space Bucket Microgrowery.
    For items made upon demand, 3-4 week construction time is included in the listing. Construction begins upon payment in full!

  • Shipping provided via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Confirmation required.



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