Mustache Ride Customs presents: THE FANDOM MENACE!
Need to transport your Bounty from one Galaxy to the next?
Need a way to keep your Bounty chilled out so they don't cause Trouble?

Get some CARBONICE* - perfect for your Merc4Hire!

Every rootin'est-tootin'est Merc4Hire knows CARBONICE* is necessary to Get Shit Done. And now  CARBONICE* has their very own Custom Inaction Figure!

The DIY Guy helps Kandu Krow and Ganja Squatch get supplies for their Missions! What they find inside the CARBONICE* is an adventure in and of itself!
What happens next?

Block of CARBONICE*! Continue your adventures with Mustache Ride Custom's customized 3.75" Inaction Figure!
With Data Array and Carbonice Pump Regulator!
Comes with FREE Ashcan Comic!

Signed Custom Art Toy with Signed Ashcan Comic.

This Inaction Figure has no points of moving articulation.

Dump Mold Cast: some flaws may be evident.

Made of high-impact, pressure-cast, semi-rigid resin.

Do not throw at a person's head.
Colors vary vary.

CJ Cummings is an Artisan, Artist, and Author. You can check out more of his Art and Artisan work here at

The Fandom Menace: Without Respect, We Reject.


(*may already be occupied)

Custom Inaction Figure 3.75 Carbonice - Mustache Ride Designer Art T



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