For the adventurous Space Bucket Microgrowers: the Space Bucket SCROG!

Complete with lattice woven inside. This set-up ensures the plant can be taken out of the Space Bucket and cared for and inspected. With a SCROG Spacer, the underside of the plant is inaccessible: tilting the SCROG Spacer would tear-off nugs woven into the lattice. This design solves that problem.

The SCROG is placed when you are ready to flip to flower. Then, as the plant grows:you weave it into the SCROG.
Ever play a game where you were a Worm that moved across the screen, growing as you moved it around the area? Of course, it was just a continuous line of pixels you zig-zagged across the screen until you hit your trailing body... Still, kept us entertained. I want you to think of her stems as the Worm's body, and the leading colas are the heads of the Worm. Weave it under the lacing in a straight line across the SCROG until you cannot go any further. Then: turn! Grow with discipline!

For those who don't have the tools available: you can purchase your SCROG pre-cut and threaded! 
We will do the hard work for you, ship the bits to your door.

These do not come with LEDs or other parts: that's for you to do!

1 SCROG Spacer pre-cut and woven with nylon twine. Does not include power or other parts.

Space Bucket SCROG

SKU: 0006
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